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Because of the great day-to-day environments in Germany, a huge piece of the populace appreciates great well-being in old age. With expanding future and the maturing of society with increasingly few youngsters beginning their careers, the interest in professional care, as well as essential medical care, also increases. Germany has a steady health system, in any case, trained nurses are more popular and more significant than at any other time. Hospitals, old people’s homes, and other care facilities are generally keeping watch for care workers with different levels of qualification to satisfy the rising need for the health and care professions. Furthermore, the request is supposed to keep on filling in the years to come. Would you like to become part of the stable German health system? Then figure out here how to begin your future-proof career in the care sector!

Individuals are employed to be taken care of the old and the sick.

Over 40,000

Tasks in the care sector

As a nurse, you care for and take care of individuals in each period of life, the regions include:


Pediatric Nursing

Elderly care

Your jobs in the nursing region incorporate independent observation, advice, support, and care of patients in an inpatient or outpatient environment. Likewise, depending upon the specialization and qualification, there is the documentation and evaluation of the nursing measures as well as the execution of medical orders and help with medical measures. Simultaneously, as nursing staff, you are free as an equipped contact individual for family members.

Figures on nursing staff in Germany

1.7 million

Any individual who needs to work forever in the nursing profession in Germany needs a state permit to practice the profession. Generally speaking, the accompanying proper necessities should in this way be met to be permitted to work as a nurse in Germany:

Recognized qualification: Your qualification as a staff nurse, which you got in your country of origin, should be recognized in Germany. The authority responsible for you will check whether your professional qualification is identical to a German qualification. If this isn’t true, you can take a knowledge test or an adaptation course to exhibit an equivalent level of knowledge. The application for professional recognition is submitted to the equipped expert in the federal state in which the employment is to happen. The German recognition allowed it is legitimate all through Germany. 

Sufficient knowledge of German: Contingent upon the federal state, you want knowledge on level B2 or B1 as per the European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(GER). 

Health suitability: With a certificate from a German doctor, you should demonstrate that you are physically and mentally healthy and hence the profession of staff nurse in Germany.

Personal suitability/reliability: To demonstrate your trustworthiness, you want proof of impunity. Depending on the situation, you need to furnish this with a certificate of good conduct from your home country or a German police certificate.

For recognition, it is not the nationality that is decisive, but where the qualification was acquired. You can find all information on recognition, exams, adaptation courses, and the relevant German authorities on the multilingual portal Recognition in Germany.

As a resident of the European Union, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, or Switzerland you needn’t bother with a job visa or no residence permit to work in Germany. Residents of other countries need one residence permit to work in Germany. In the visa area, you can figure out more about the work visa for skilled workers.

Have the recognition of your Professional qualification applied for and the recognition body in Germany verified that you lack qualifications for full recognition? Then, at that point, see if a visa for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications is a possible option for you.

Tip: Under specific circumstances, you can go to Germany with finished vocational training for 6 months for nursing job opportunities in Germany. Figure out more about this under Visa to find a job.

Next Steps

Start the recognition process: In our Recognition section, you can figure out everything about the recognition of foreign qualifications.

Apply now: Utilize our tips for a successful application in Germany.

 German Language: Get in our German language and learn important tips on how and where you learn the best German!

Some interesting projects offer special opportunities to work as a nurse from abroad in Germany:

The Project Triple Win attracts foreign nurses for the German labor market from the Federal agency for work (BA) along with GIZ. Is the premise of the project Mediation agreements (International professionals can involve the Federal Agency) for work to be enrolled through mediation agreements before an equivalence of the foreign Professional qualification with a Reference occupation was laid out? This is conceivable under specific circumstances that are regulated by law (BeschV – §2 placement agreements) by the BA with the employment services of the partner countries Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, the Philippines, and Tunisia. The partner administration plans the application process on-site and checks the applications according to formal criteria. The BA decides the applicant’s personal, technical and linguistic qualifications through personal selection interviews. A language test is essential for the selection process. As a staff nurse, you are provided with linguistic qualification (Level B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference with nursing-specific language), professional preparation for your work assignment in Germany, integration assistance, and recognition assistance when you arrive in Germany so that your foreign qualifications in health and nursing can be recognized.

A proposal from a Federal agency for work (BA) for Nurses from Mexico

The Federal agency for work is searching for qualified health and nursing staff from Mexico for organizations in the health sector in Germany in participation with the National Employment Office Mexico. The “Care in Germany” project opens up opportunities for intrigued care workers from Mexico for new professional perspectives. German employers in the healthcare sector present their employment offers in different areas and dates in Mexico.

Anybody wishing to partake in the project ought to be likewise mobile, be keen on working abroad, and secure German language abilities in a year. A degree from a Mexican university is likewise mandatory. On the way to Germany, the nursing staff gets an extensive variety of help – for instance through the financing of language courses in Mexico and Germany, help with the application for a visa, and professional recognition.

How might you participate in the project? What explicit offers does the project incorporate? Who could I at any point go to if I have any inquiries? Figure out more about the “Care in Germany” project of the Federal agency for work and the Mexican Labor Administration.

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