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Foreign University Degrees

Having a foreign university degree will enable you to work (e.g. a doctor or lawyer) in Germany if you have a medical degree recognition certificate. You will track down detailed information on this in our sections “Who needs recognition” and ”Recognition procedure“.

You needn’t bother with recognition to work as a scholar, or non-regulated professional, such as a computer scientist, mathematician, or economist. To become a German citizen and to be eligible for a Blue Card, if you plan to relocate to Germany from a non-EU country to work, your foreign university degree must be equivalent to a German university degree. You have the accompanying choices for this confirmation:

The Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) works on the anabin database, which gives information on the assessment of Germany’s recognition of foreign educational qualifications and universities. The data set is presently accessible in German.

The certificate assessment is an authoritative document that depicts your foreign university qualifications and determines the level of the German educational qualification to which your foreign qualification is practically identical for German recognition. The individual assessment of certificates can be mentioned from the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) in Bonn. You should demand an individual certificate assessment if your university is recorded with an “H +” in the anabin database, yet your certification isn’t recorded.

 The individual assessment of certificates can be useful. It enjoys benefits while applying for a job, while changing jobs or while negotiating salaries. With the certificate evaluation in Germany for recognition of a foreign degree, employers can more readily order your foreign university degree. The certificate evaluation can also be utilized to apply for a visa.

Information on the assessment process, including a list of required documents and costs, can be viewed here. For additional inquiries regarding the individual assessment, please contact the ZAB (email: zabservice@kmk.org).

Please note that the handling time is three months. Given that you have presented all the necessary documents such as medical degree recognition certificates. If you choose to have an individual certificate assessment to get an EU Blue Card, the handling time will require fourteen days. For this situation, kindly encase a duplicate of your work contract.

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