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Take Pension Entitlements With You

Germany has a well-developed system of social security. If you work subject to social security contributions in Germany, you are normally a member of these five statutory insurances:

You have worked in Germany for some time, you need to get back to your former home and take your pension entitlements with you? In this case, the following applies:

In principle, statutory pension insurance is likewise paid abroad. In specific individual cases, nonetheless, there may be restrictions. Anyway, you ought to inform yourself in advance of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung. Moving to a state of the European Union (EU), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway (EEA), or Switzerland, the statutory pension insurance entitlements acquired in Germany are retained. At the point when you arrive at retirement age, each state in which you have worked pays a pension if the necessities are met. So assuming that you have worked in two countries, for instance, you will generally receive pension payments from two countries. The amount of the pension depends on the time spent in the country concerned.

The same applies if you live in one of the following countries with which Germany has concluded a social security agreement: Albania, Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, India, Israel, Japan, Canada/Quebec, Korea (South), Kosovo, Morocco, Macedonia, Montenegro, Philippines, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia, Uruguay, USA. If you live in the UK, there will be no charges after the UK leaves the EU. The arrangements finished between the EU and the UK continue to allow pensions to be paid from Germany to the UK. UK periods will keep on being considered.

You can submit your pension application to the pension insurance agency in your home country concerning the protection time frames in Germany. He advances the application to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

Yet, regardless of whether your home country is to another state – A third country, you won’t lose any of the privileges you have gained by paying your contributions. After fulfilling the waiting period and the other requirements, you might be qualified for pensions. For this situation, you ought to apply to the German embassy or consulate, as your details can be certified directly here. From that point, the application will be sent to Germany. It ought to be noted, nonetheless, that the German guidelines on retirement age generally apply to German pensions, not those in your home country. You can figure out more from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

Under certain circumstances, after getting back to your home country, you can likewise apply to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung for repayment of your contributions through social security agreement put. At least 24 calendar months probably passed since you left necessary protection in Germany, for example since you finished your work with your German boss. Notwithstanding, you ought to consider that the annuity protection will just repay half of the commitments you have paid (for example without the employer’s contribution). The entire insurance relationship is then terminated because of the premium reimbursement through the social security agreement. This implies that you will presently not be qualified for a pension later. Such reimbursement of premiums is just conceivable assuming that you are not generally qualified for voluntary insurance. You can figure out more from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

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