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How do I find an apprenticeship?

Visa, school leaving certificate, and language abilities: To have the option to do an apprenticeship in Germany, you ought to meet a couple of prerequisites. In the article, we make sense of what precisely these are: ” Can I  do an apprenticeship in Germany?

The decision is yours: there are at present around 350 different dual training occupations for youngsters in Germany. To find the right one for you, you ought to initially consider what you appreciate and what strengths you have: Which school subjects do you find intriguing? Do you appreciate working with individuals? Do you appreciate working on the PC or could you rather work with enormous machines or with apparatuses? When you understand what you need, you can begin searching for the right training. The Planet-Beruf and Beroobi sites, for instance, give great experiences in numerous apprenticeships – but just in German. Anybody who might likewise like brief clarifications of apprenticeships can be tracked down here in the gateway under ” Four apprenticeships in demand”. Maybe there are opportunities in your home nation to acquire data and guidance on your vocation decision.

Do you have any idea about which training suits you? Then, now is the right time to search for occupations and apply! Contingent upon which apprenticeship you have picked, you can look through different apprenticeship exchanges on the Web. The  Federal Employment Agency offers an exceptionally enormous selection. Select the term “Training” under “You are looking for”. Here you will track down apprenticeships in numerous occupations and from organizations all over Germany. Assuming you are searching explicitly for an apprenticeship in the art, the apprenticeship radar of the Chamber of Crafts is suggested.

If you have settled on an apprenticeship in the business or industrial area, it is worth investigating the work trade of the chambers of industry and commerce – IHK.

One more great chance to get data about the different apprenticeships is by going to job and apprenticeship fairs. There you can converse with contacts and specialists directly and figure out which training is reasonable for you. You can find an outline of current exchange fairs, for instance, on the planet-beruf.de portal.

Coincidentally: Remember to go after an apprenticeship job eventually. Many organizations publicize their empty training positions a year ahead of time. The training then, at that point, for the most part, starts in August or September of every year.

If you have found a fascinating position, make it a point to apply. The most effective method to compose a decent application for an apprenticeship position is explained in detail in German by the application training from Planet-Beruf.de. There you will likewise figure out how you can best get ready for a meeting and what everything must be in your apprenticeship agreement. Additional data on the application cycle in Germany can be tracked down on our site in the ” Application ” area. 

Of course, it doesn’t work altogether without German. All things considered, German is spoken in the organization and the professional school. A few organizations that train youngsters from different nations, in this way, offer unique German courses or support youngsters in learning German in alternate ways. While applying, in this manner, ask about the organization’s offers. Or on the other hand, you can as of now go to a German course in your nation of origin, for instance at a Goethe Institute. The addresses of the institute can be found on our interactive world map ‘local contact“. Accomplish something with companions, do sports or you can figure out what different choices you have to learn German here.

Professional training in Germany is controlled by regulation. This enjoys many benefits for you because the regulations safeguard your privileges. For instance, your organization needs to pay you a month-to-month fee for dual training and furnish you with the preparation assets, like devices or security hardware. What’s more, the regulations specify that your actual tasks in the organization should likewise serve the training objective – all in all: the organization is obliged to show you the skill of the profession.

Alternatively, the regulations likewise specify what the organization can anticipate from you during your training. Your most significant obligation is the commitment to learn. This implies that you are supposed to try to become familiar with your apprenticeship exchange. Moreover, you are obliged, for instance, to go to professional school routinely and to give your organization a  medical certificate if you are sick.

Do you come from a country outside the EU and can’t finish your professional training, for example, because of disease? Then, at that point, by Segment 16a, Passage 4 of the Residence Act, you will have the chance to remain in Germany for a further half year to search for another training position.

Additional data about the freedoms and commitments during an apprenticeship can be found at the Federal Employment Agency.

For you to feel good in Germany, the general circumstances are likewise significant. There, most importantly, is the apartment. A few organizations that train youngsters from abroad offer accommodation. Others assist their students with tracking down a condo. It is ideal to find out if they will support you. Assuming you might want to search for an apartment yourself, you will discover a few hints in the ” Living ” article.

Accomplish something with companions, do sports or go out to shop – in Germany, you have numerous chances to partake in your spare time along with others. You can discover a few hints about this in the ” Living in Germany ” section.

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