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Perspective after the training

Maybe it is still somewhat early - however whenever you have finished your training in Germany, you have different points of view:

Accomplish your work in an organization: Many organizations in Germany are presently searching for trained subject matter experts. The odds are consequently great that you will be taken on by your organization following your training. If the organization can’t enlist you or on the other hand assuming you might want to get to know another organization, you will track down ways to search for a job in the ” Occupations ” segment. If you are from a country outside the EU and have you finished your professional training in Germany? If you are searching for a job in Germany, a residence permit can be conceded for as long as a year (as per Segment 20 (3) No. 3 of the Residence Act ).

Educate yourself: You may likewise need to foster yourself further and assume greater liability. Then you have the chance to participate in additional training in Germany. This empowers you to specialize, advance your vocation, or become independently employed. Which further training is appropriate for you relies upon your occupation and your industry.

Technical professions: On the off chance that you work in the field of construction or mechanical designing, you can prepare yourself to turn into a “certified technician”. For such expert training, you go to a specialized school and take a state assessment. The full-time training requires somewhere around two years.

Craft professions: If you have taken in a craft profession, you can, for instance, train yourself to turn into an expert skilled worker. The title is a state-recognized professional qualification in Germany. In the wake of finishing their training, many experts work in administration positions or set up their organizations. Also, masters are permitted to prepare youngsters in their profession.

Obviously, in each profession, you likewise have the chance to prepare yourself in special areas. The conceivable outcomes differ contingent on the profession. You can figure out what precisely is appropriate for your calling under BERUFENET.

For instance, for additional training to turn into a master craftsman, professional, or expert representative, you might be qualified for monetary help: the “Aufstiegs-BAföG”. You can see if such financing is a possibility for you at www.aufstiegs-bafoeg.de.

Study: After finishing your training, you can likewise learn at a college. For this, you normally need a College entrance qualification – a certificate that permits you to study in your nation of origin. Be that as it may, there are likewise special cases: With a German title, For instance, you can study all matters at German colleges. Try not to have one title, however as of now have a few years of professional experience, and you can, under specific circumstances, study subjects that are like the subject of your training. Just request the college of your decision which specific requirements you need to meet.

Might you want to study and seek after your position simultaneously? That is additionally conceivable in Germany. You can either study along with your work in your extra time, part-time, or at a distance-learning college. You can track down more data on this here.

Additional data on studying in Germany can be viewed under ” Studies “.

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