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Visa And Immigration Process

Would you like to apply for a visa and don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin? We make sense of how it functions bit by bit.

The way to the job market in the Federal Republic of Germany.

For your visit to the federal republic of Germany, you want to look into the relevant prerequisites. You can figure out which necessities apply to your purpose of entry in the section Types of Visas.


In case you meet every one of the prerequisites for the visa, you should set up the vital documents for the visa application. You can generally track down the rundown of the essential documents on the site of the German embassy or consulate in your home country. You ought to likewise book an arrangement to apply for a visa as of now.

You can figure out which German embassy or consulate you want to contact for your visa application on the world map.

You apply for your visa at the German embassy liable for you. Kindly note that you are applying for a visa that compares to the genuine motivation behind your visit to Germany; For instance, a work visa is required to remain at work. Only in such a case is a residence permit possible after the visa as per the federal system of Germany.

For the visa application, you need the appropriate visa application form. The charge for an entry visa is 75 euros for a wide range of visas that are given for a long-term stay in Germany. You can typically pay this at the German embassy or consulate in cash. Note that the expense will not be refunded in case of a refusal.

Visa allowed? You can now get ready for your excursion to Germany. Since you are moving to Germany for quite a while, you ought to take all personal documents with you, for example, birth testaments, records connecting with school or professional qualifications, and perhaps a driver’s permit and marriage declaration.

Kindly note: The Federal system of Germany mandates the need of medical coverage in Germany right from the first day. Proof of insurance is required at the latest when you pick up your visa at the German embassy.

Did you enter Germany with your visa? Welcome! When in doubt, your visa is legitimate for as long as a half year. During that time, you must have a residence permit applied so you can remain in Germany for a more extended period.

Contact the individual liable for your Foreign Authority and learn about the documents expected for applying. Then, at that point, arrange for the issuance of the residence permit relating to your visa.

Track down the location of your competent foreign Authority.

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