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Special Regulations on Entry & Residence

Significant: Because of the past circumstances regarding the spread of the Covid, specialists and public organizations can only be reached to a limited extent. However, with the assistance of temporarily applicable guidelines, it was guaranteed that matters connecting with residence law were managed in the most ideal manner.

Following are a couple of instances from the past. This can serve as a reference in case such a situation should arise again.

Status: 01.06.2021

I applied for a skilled worker visa at the German embassy or consulate before the Corona measures. Meanwhile, the government office or department is shut to the general population or must be reached partially and I have not gotten any feedback on my application. What can really be done?

Right now you ought to expect that your visa application will take more time to process. You ought to in this manner learn about current advancements on the site of your responsible German embassy or consulate.

Note: Visa applications from specific professional groups that are dependent upon the exceptions from the entry limitations, specifically in the healthcare callings as well as in the field of transport and merchandise traffic, will keep on being acknowledged and handled.

To contain the risk of infection from the coronavirus, there are EU-wide travel restrictions for entry from third countries.

Specialists in health and care professions, health research, and in transport and goods traffic are excluded from the travel restrictions.

You can keep on utilizing the accelerated specialist procedure along with your manager at the competent authorities foreigners Authority. This pre-endorsement can be given by the immigration authorities for six months instead of three months. This implies that the pre-approval stays legitimate for a longer period. To apply for a visa, kindly allude to the site of the responsible German embassy or consulate. Visas for people who fall under the exemption guidelines can be applied for and given, contingent upon the local conditions.

For the restoration of residence permits, the immigration authorities typically issue a fictional certificate upon demand and send it to you by post to stay away from public traffic in the authorities. This fiction authentication is your residence permit from the hour of the expiry to the decision of the immigration authorities including the work permit as proceeding. An application for an expansion can be made casually (for example by post, on the web, by email, or by phone) to your responsible foreign Authority be asked.

As a result of the corona pandemic, numerous businesses are subject to enrolling brief time frameworks for their employees. Does that concern you and you need your residence permit in Germany soon, the receipt of a short-time frame allowance shouldn’t hurt your residence permit; regardless of whether the short-time work allowance falls below the Compensation limit  On account of short-time work benefits, the business contract stays in effect. Likewise, it is normal that the business agreement will keep on applying when the corona-related limitations are lifted.

In this situation, you don’t need to leave the nation right away,  even if you don’t already have a permanent residence permit. However, you are obliged to tell the immigration authorities of the end of your work relationship in two weeks or less. Simultaneously, your employer must likewise inform the immigration authorities about this.

With the termination, your past reason for home does not matter anymore, however, the immigration authorities have a wide margin of discretion to abbreviate the residence permit and complete a suitable gauging of interests. Contact your  responsible person for this foreign Authority

A job seeker visa can be given to skilled workers by the responsible diplomat for a limit of 6 months. After this period you need to leave the nation if you have not gotten a reasonable line of work in Germany. In the ongoing circumstance there is a brief exemption: Did you apply for a residence permit? If you have reached the statutory maximum length of stay after March 16, 2020, you must apply for an extension in good time. The application can be sent casually (for example by post, on the web, by email, or by phone) to the individual answerable for your foreign authority. If you have reached the statutory maximum length of stay after March 16, 2020, you must apply for an extension in good time.  From the time your application is received by the responsible immigration authorities, your residence permit is independent of the expiry date until the decision of the Foreign Authority is valid.

This standard likewise applies to the accompanying residence permit:

ICT card for internally transferred representatives (Area 19 of the Residence Act)

Mobile ICT card (Area 19b AufenthG)

Residence permit for mobile researchers(§ 18f AufenthG)

International staff exchange(Segment 19c (1) Residence Act in conjunction with Section 10 Employment Ordinance)

Residence permit to look for a place to study (Section 17 subs. 2 AufenthG)

Residence permit to look for a training place (Section 17 subs. 1 AufenthG)

Assuming that your training organization can no longer ensure your training due to Covid and should accordingly close the organization, the whole term of the training can be broadened. You ought to apply to the competent chamber for an extension of the span of the training assuming this is important to accomplish the training objective. Whether or not such a solicitation is made, you will remain a permanent resident for professional training.

As of now, the immigration authorities by and large don’t utilize Confirmation of financing if you have gotten your livelihood through profitable work previously. This likewise applies if your parents provide a living and are monetarily impacted by the pandemic. To do this, contact your responsible foreign Authority.

Tip: To have the option to keep on taking care of your everyday expenses, there are extended work opportunities accessible to you. You can work for longer than the allowed 120 full or 240 half days (as indicated by Area 16b, Section 3 of the  Residence Act), yet you need the consent of the immigration authority, which is to give this. For instance, to take up a task in reaping help, the work permit will be conceded rapidly, as this already has a supposed worldwide endorsement of the federal agency for work.

While settling on the augmentation of the residence permit to study, the immigration authorities look at all conditions that have prompted the defer in concentrating on individual cases. If your examinations are postponed because of limitations in teaching and this leads to the maximum length of stay of ten years being surpassed, this is typically considered by the immigration authorities.

Your valid residence permit for Germany lapses assuming you stay abroad for over a half year (Segment 51, Subsection 1, No. 7 of the Home Demonstration). Because of the broad travel limitations, there is one exemption: If you are abroad and can’t get back to Germany in the span of a half year, you can apply for an expansion of the cutoff time. This application should be submitted to the responsible immigration authority before the deadline has expired and can be made informally.

You can find out when reemergence into Germany is conceivable from the German embassy or consulate in the country where you are located.

Yours lose residence permit is legitimate during the stay abroad, and you have the motivation to accept that the residence title would have been extended under typical conditions, you can request the expansion of the residence title by Segment 81 (1) AufenthG from the individual answerable for you before it lapses.

The expansion application can be submitted casually (for example by email) from abroad. Assuming that the application is submitted before the residence permit lapses, the legal fictional effect of Section 81 subs. 4 sentence 1 of the Residence Act applies. For later reemergence, you need a fiction certificate, which is given by the capable immigration authority and shipped off to you. For the subtleties of the dispatch of the fiction authentication, contact your responsible foreign Authority.


The obligatory passport and identity confirmation are among the fundamental prerequisites for giving a residence permit in Germany (Segment 5, Subsection 1, Residence act). This implies that you as the candidate should have a valid passport.  If it is temporarily not possible for your foreign authority to issue a new passport, ask about the arrangements and choices your state accommodates for this. Germany will treat different measures  (such as declarations/ordinances to extend expired passports and identity documents) benevolently, to the extent that there is data about them.

The visa prerequisite can only be waived in justified exceptional cases if it can be proven that consular support is not possible. You ought to likewise ask responsible immigration in Germany whether a temporary substitution ID card can be given.

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