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Information on The Skilled Workers Immigration Act at a glance

What will change with the Skilled Workers Immigration Act?

The Skilled Workers Immigration Act makes it easier for skilled workers with professional, non-academic training to immigrate to Germany for work purposes. Existing guidelines for skilled workers with a college degree will be proceeded and, at times, further streamlined.

The Skilled workers’ immigration Act expands the structure for the immigration of qualified skilled workers from nations outside the EU to Germany. Here you will find the primary developments:

Definition of skilled workers: These persons are classified as skilled workers under the Skilled Workers Immigration Act:

Individuals who have either finished qualified professional training in Germany, for which a preparation time of no less than two years is typically determined or individuals who have finished one abroad. The professional qualification has been gained that is comparable to domestic qualified professional training. More limited foreign professional training courses can be comparable to qualified professional training in a German University on the off chance that the training shows no tremendous contrasts or if these have been adjusted.

People with a university degree that is comparable to a university degree in Germany.

Entry into the labor market: Passage into the labor market is made simpler: The certified expert must have a business contract or a particular bid for employment and a capability recognized in Germany.  The so-called Priority check through the Federal agency for work (BA) is not applicable. This implies that it is presently not important to check whether a candidate from Germany or the EU is accessible for the particular work. The assessment of the functioning circumstances by the BA proceeds.

Settlement permit for graduates of vocational training in Germany: Under the new law, foreign graduates of vocational training in Germany, like university graduates, can receive a settlement permit after just two years. 

Employment opportunities: A skilled worker can practice an occupation for which the capability gained empowers them. This implies that work in related professions is made conceivable. Furthermore, skilled workers with scholastic training cannot in the least take care of responsibilities that require a university degree. You can likewise be utilized in other qualified professions that are in the specialized setting of the capability and for which professional, non-academic training is generally required. Helper and semi-skilled occupations are excluded, they should be certified work. For the blue card, EU Work suitable to the expert capability is constantly required, which generally requires a scholarly degree.

Skilled workers with professional training: The work of skilled workers with professional, ie non-scholastic training, is not generally confined to occupations with a deficiency of job openings. With professional training perceived in Germany, and the residence permit to practice qualified business, these skilled workers additionally approach all callings for which their capabilities empower them.

Indeed, even skilled workers with qualified professional training are permitted to enter the country to search for a job. You will get one residence permit for as long as six months. The essential is that foreign qualification has been perceived by the skilled expert in Germany, that the livelihood for the stay is secured and, German language abilities at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Dialects are required. Preliminary work of as long as ten hours seven days is conceivable during the pursuit of employment stay. This empowers employers and foreign specialists to test whether they are a decent match. Preliminary business is additionally made feasible for skilled workers with perceived scholastic training who, as in the past, are likewise permitted to travel to Germany for as long as 6 months to search for work.

Settlement permit for skilled workers from abroad: Foreign skilled workers can become German permanent residents after the completion of four years.

Residence for qualification measures: The chances to remain in Germany for qualification measures are being extended. The essential for this is that an acknowledgment technique from abroad has been completed at the equipped expert in Germany, where shortfalls in the foreign qualification procured contrasted with the German training were found. Further requirements for the issuance of a visa for the execution of qualification measures are, in addition to other things, information in the German language relating to the capability measure. When in doubt, this is adequate information on German (relates to language level A2). For instance, the 18-month resident permit can now be extended by a half year to a limit of two years for this reason. After the maximum period of the residence permit has lapsed, a residence permit for training, study, or work can be given.

Entry to look for an apprenticeship place: It has proactively been possible for prospective students to enter the country to search for a spot to study. As per the new guideline, those keen on preparing can likewise enter the country to search for a training position. The requirements are German language abilities at level B2, a qualification from a German school abroad or a school qualification that qualifies you for college entrance, maximum age of 25 years, and independent livelihood security.

Accelerated specialist procedure: Businesses can enter with a power of attorney for the specialist accelerated skilled worker procedure at the responsible foreign Authority in Germany, which will essentially abbreviate the length of the administrative procedure until the visa is given. The accompanying data and steps are significant:

An understanding should be finished between the organization and the immigration authority, which incorporates, in addition to other things, the approvals and commitments of the business, the subject matter expert, and the authorities involved ( immigration authority, Federal Employment Agency, recognition bodies, diplomatic mission ) as well as a portrayal of the cycles including those included and cut-off times.

The immigration authority exhorts the business, upholds him in doing the methodology for the acknowledgment of the foreign qualification of the skilled worker, acquires the endorsement of the Federal Employment Agency, and analyses the necessities for the giving of foreign nationals. The acknowledgment bodies and the Federal Employment Agency need to choose within specific cut-off times.

If every one of the necessities is met, the Immigration office issues a purported pre-approval which ships off to the employer for sending to the specialist. They then, at that point, book a meeting with the diplomatic mission to apply for a visa, which happens in three weeks or less. At this arrangement, the first pre-approval should be introduced alongside other documents required for the visa application.

After the full visa application has been put together by the specialist, a decision will ordinarily be made on it within a further three weeks.

The accelerated procedure for skilled workers likewise incorporates the spouse and unmarried underage children of the skilled worker assuming they meet the legitimate necessities for family reunification.

The charge for the accelerated specialist procedure at the immigration authorities is 411 euros. Likewise, there is a visa charge of 75 euros as well as expenses for the recognition of the qualification. Find out everything you need to know about the procedure in the “Regulating immigration and employment” section: The accelerated specialist procedure.

Recognition of foreign qualifications: You should initially have your foreign qualification recognized. Fundamental data on the recognition process and immigration to Germany can be gotten from the ” Working and Living in Germany ” hotline. Additional data on this technique can be tracked down in the segment Recognition of foreign professional qualifications“.

Language skills: Language skills are required in particular for entering the country to look for a training position or to look for a job as a skilled worker with vocational training, but also a stay for qualification measures. You can find more information on learning opportunities in the Learn Germansection.

Assuming you are still in your nation of origin, the German diplomatic missions are liable for giving the necessary visa. The addresses of the German organizations in your area can be viewed on the world map. 

Assuming you currently live in Germany, you should contact the neighborhood immigration authorities if you have any inquiries concerning residence and visas. You can track down the authority responsible for you here.

Further information on the current visa regulations can be found in our Visasection.

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