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Blue Card EU

The blue card EU (Section 18b (2 ) Residence Act ) is a special residence permit for foreign academics who need to take up qualified employment in Germany.

You can see if you want a visa to enter Germany Who needs a visa?

What necessities should be met for the EU Blue Card process to be given?

You have a German, a recognized foreign university degree, or a foreign university degree that is comparable to a German university degree. You can find information on the equivalence and recognition of foreign university degrees in the Recognition section.

You as of now have a particular job offer from an organization in Germany.

The occupation should be appropriate to your qualifications (university degree).

With the job in Germany you will accomplish a gross yearly salary of at least 56,800 euros (in 2021). For occupations in the expert fields of math, IT, inherent sciences, designing, and human medication, a decreased gross yearly compensation of something like 44,304 euros (in 2021) applies. In this situation, the Federal agency for work (BA) agrees to your employment.

Do you meet the prerequisites referenced? Then, at that point, figure out more about the visa and immigration process.

Tip: Do you not meet the prerequisites for the EU Blue Card? No panic! You can apply for a work visa for skilled workers by Section 18b (1) of the Residence Act.

What possibilities does the EU Blue Card offer?

The EU Blue Card is given for the duration of the employment contract in addition to 90 days, however for a limit of four years. And if the necessities are met. A change of job within the initial two years of employment should be endorsed by the capable foreign Authority and be supported.

After 33 months, the holder of an EU Blue Card visa can get a settlement permit. Assuming the expected language abilities of level B1 as indicated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER) can be demonstrated and proven ahead of time, the permanent residence permit can be given after only 21 months.

Might you want to live in Germany with your loved ones? As a holder of an EU Blue Card visa, this is conceivable. You can learn about what you need to focus on and what necessities apply in the family reunification section.

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