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Visa for the Recognition of Foreign Professional Language

Have the acknowledgment of your Professional qualification applied for and the recognition body in Germany confirmed that you need capabilities for full recognition? For this situation, you can attend qualification programs in Germany to gain the hypothetical or potentially pragmatic abilities you are absent. These are, for instance, courses in an organization, expert instructional classes, preliminary courses, or occupation-related German courses. To take part in such a program, you want one residence permit to perceive foreign professional qualifications ( Section 16d AufenthG ).

You can see if you want a visa to enter Germany Who needs a visa?

In one Recognition notice the competent recognition body in Germany has verified that you need theoretical and/or practical skills to receive full online foreign recognition of your qualification.

You have effectively registered for a corresponding qualification measure. On the off chance that this is a predominantly practical course in an organization, this organization should introduce a training plan in which substantial measures are to be utilized to cure the shortages distinguished by the certification body. The training plan ought to likewise state what salary the company will pay you during the practical course. For this situation, the Federal agency for work (BA) consents to the qualification measure.

When in doubt, you should have an order of German at level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER).

You can demonstrate that your business is secure however the duration of your stay.

If you expect to work in a non-regulated profession, you likewise have another choice. You can likewise make up for the deficiencies you have distinguished by working as a specialist in your desired occupation (Section 16d subs. 3 AufenthG). The accompanying extra necessities apply for this:

There is a specific job offer.

In a notice of recognition, the competent recognition body confirmed that you to a great extent come up short on practical skills to gain full recognition.

A training plan that shows how the main differences are to be balanced out.

Your future employer should ensure in an employment contract that he will empower proficient recognition during your visit to Germany.

Further information on the recognition process for foreign qualifications can be found in the Recognition section.

Do you meet the prerequisites referenced? Then, at that point, figure out more about the visa and immigration process

After entering the country, you will be given a residence permit to perceive your foreign online language professional qualification or for doing post-qualification measures, generally for up to 18 months. In individual cases, it tends to be reached out for a limit of a half year if, for instance, you need to repeat an examination or the issuing of the certificate is postponed.

To work notwithstanding the qualification measure, this is conceivable: You might pursue a secondary job that is independent of the qualification measure for up to ten hours a week. On the off chance that the action is connected with the professional field for which you are holding back nothing professional qualification and assuming there is a particular bid for employment for later work, you can seek after this with practically no time limit. For this situation, the Federal Employment Agency (BA) should consent to the employment.

Have you finished your training course and received full recognition? Then, at that point, you can remain in Germany for one more year to get a suitable job that matches your recognized professional qualification. This requires a residence permit to search for a job (Section 20 Paragraph 3 No. 4 AufenthG), which you can acquire from your skilled authority without leaving the country the foreigners Authority applies for. During this time you are permitted to finish any job.

Have you previously gotten a suitable subsequent job, study, or apprenticeship position? Then, at that point, you can apply for a residence permit at the responsible immigration authority in Germany and remain without leaving the country. The adjustment of the accompanying residence permit is conceivable:

Residence permit for work for skilled workers

Blue card EU

Residence permit to complete vocational training

Residence permit to study

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