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Visa To Study

Would you like to study in Germany? Studying in Germany opens up numerous attractive opportunities. There are numerous worldwide review programs and the fees are low. You can get a visa for studying in Germany for this purpose. The residence permit According to Section 16b of the Residence Act, it likewise incorporates preliminary measures, for example, language courses or going to a preparatory college or a similar institution, as well as a full-time doctoral program at a German university.

You can see if you want a visa to enter Germany Who needs a visa? Which necessities must be satisfied for the issuance of a visa to study?

You are confessed to a state-recognized university in Germany. You can figure out how to apply for a university degree in Germany in the Studies section.

You can give proof of a school leaving certificate with university entrance or a recognized university degree.

Your work is secured for the duration of your studies. You can do this as a blocked account (generally at least EUR 10,332 per year; amount valid for the year 2021), a scholarship, or a commitment declaration proof.

Contingent upon the essentials for your certification program, you might need to give verification of language abilities expected for the degree to the German embassy or consulate. Assuming that you need to demonstrate information in German, language level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(GER) is generally required.

Do you meet the necessities referenced? Then, at that point, figure out more about the visa and immigration process.

The residence permit for studying can be conceded for something like one year, yet a limit of two years. If you have not yet finished a degree within this period, the residence permit can be stretched out upon application.

During your examinations, you are permitted to work 120 full or 240 half days out of each year as well as take part in student jobs.

After finishing your investigations, you can apply for a residence permit to search for a job by Section 20, Paragraph 3, No. 1 of the Residence Act. The residence permit is given for as long as a year and a half to track down qualified employees in Germany. However long you are looking, you are allowed to do anything you desire. When you have a job offer, you can change over your residence permit for studying into a residence permit for work for skilled workers or an EU Blue Card on site let convert. Additional information about your choices during your studies in Germany and after graduation can be found in the section Perspectives after your studies.

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As a graduate of a German university, you can get a permanent residence permit to apply (Section 18c, Paragraph 1, Sentence 2, Residence Act).

Do you have a visa to concentrate on study purposes from another EU member state and would like to complete part of your studies in Germany? If the stay in Germany doesn’t exceed 360 days, you don’t require one residence permit for Germany. Be that as it may, you need to Federal Office for Migration and Refugees(BAMF) and inform the competent authority in the other EU country of the planned study visit to Germany.

Different types of evidence should be submitted with the communication on mobility.

Visa to find a place to study

Have you chosen to study in Germany yet have not been admitted to a German university? Then, under specific circumstances, you can likewise enter Germany with a visa to look for a place to study by Section 17 (2) Residence Act.

You can see if you want a visa to enter Germany Who needs a visa?

Which prerequisites should be met for the issuance of a visa to find a college put?

You can introduce a school leaving certificate that quickly qualifies you to study in Germany or to go to a preparatory college.

You meet the language necessities of the ideal course. You can figure out in which form the proof can be provided at the German embassy or consulate responsible for you.

Your business is secured during your entire stay since you are not permitted to pursue employment during this time. Evidence can be given by opening a blocked account or using a declaration of commitment.

Do you meet the prerequisites referenced? Then, at that point, figure out more about the visa and immigration process.

What viewpoints does the visa offer while searching for a university place?

The visa or residence permit to search for a university place empowers you to remain in Germany for as long as nine months. During this time you can apply for a spot at the university or preliminary measures. This likewise incorporates, for instance, going to a language course or a preparatory college. The residence permit to look for a university place can’t be stretched out for a similar reason.

Please note that you are not permitted to work for this reason during your visit.

Did you study or study at a German university?Studienkolleg approved? Then you can contact the competent foreign Authority to apply for a residence permit to study by Section 16b of the Residence Act.

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