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Work Visa for Skilled Workers

Have you finished qualified professional training or a degree beyond Germany?
Then, at that point, you can get one residence permit as per § 18a or § 18b Abs. 1 AufenthG to take up qualified work in Germany with the support of a German Skilled worker visa

You can see if you want a visa to enter Germany. Who needs a visa?

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What are the prerequisites for a German skilled worker visa to be given?

Your capability should be perceived in Germany or be equivalent to a German educational qualification. Might you want to work in a regulated profession, for instance in medical service, one would ask for the need for a professional license? You can figure out how the recognition process works in the Recognition section.

You have a particular proposition for employment from a business in Germany. Your perceived qualification should empower you to take up the job. This implies that work in related professions is possible.

Are you older than 45 and would you say you are venturing out to Germany for the first time to work? All things considered, you should accomplish a gross yearly compensation of essentially EUR 46,860 (in 2021) with the ideal work in Germany or give proof of satisfactory retirement benefits. 


Do you have a recognized university degree? Then check whether you meet the standards for an EU Blue Card. This residence permit offers qualified trained professionals, especially alluring open doors.

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The Federal agency for work (BA) should for the most part consent to your business. In addition to other things, it will be checked whether your business conditions (pay, working hours, and so forth) are equivalent to those of domestic employees.

 Do you meet the prerequisites for permanent residence for a skilled worker?

Then figure out more about the visa and immigration process.

What viewpoints does the German skilled worker visa propose for work?

The visa or the residence permit to take up a qualified business is given for a limit of four years. If the work contract is restricted to a more limited period, the residence permit will be given for this more limited period.

Following four years of possessing a residence permit to work, you can, under specific circumstances, get one permanent residence permit on request. This is a permanent residence permit. Figure out more about living in Germany forever   https://www.make-it-in-germany.com/en/search?tx_solr%5Bq%5D=living+in+germany

Might you want to live in Germany with your loved ones? This is conceivable with this residence permit. You can find out what you need to focus on and what necessities apply in the family reunification segment.


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