Visa and immigration process

Do you want to apply for a visa and don’t know where to start? We explain how it works step by step.

The way to the German job market

Check Requirements

For your stay in Germany, you need to find out about the applicable requirements. You can find out which requirements apply to your purpose of entry in the section Types of Visa.


Appointment request to the
German embassy or consulate

If you meet all the requirements for the visa, you must prepare the necessary documents for the visa application. You can usually find the list of the documents required on the German embassy or consulate website in your country of residence. You should also book an appointment to apply for a visa at this time.
You can find out which German embassy or consulate you need to contact for your visa application on the world map.


 Apply for a visa in the
country of residence

You apply for your visa at the German embassy responsible for
you. Please note that you are applying foYou apply for your visa at the German embassy responsible for you. Please note that you are applying for a visa that corresponds to the actual purpose of your stay in Germany; For example, a work visa is required to stay to work. Only then is a grant a residence permit possible after the visa in Germany.

For the visa application, you need the appropriate visa application form.

The fee for an entry visa is 75 euros stand: 2021 for all types of visas that are issued for a long-term stay in Germany. You can usually pay this at the German embassy or consulate in your local currency. Note that the fee will not be refunded if the visa is not issued.


Entry into Germany

Visa granted? You can now prepare your trip to Germany. Since you are immigrating to Germany for a long time, you should take all personal documents with you, such as birth certificates, documents relating to school or professional qualifications, and possibly a driver’s license and marriage certificate.

Please note: You need health insurance in Germany from the first day. Proof of insurance is required at the latest when you pick up your visa at the German embassy.


Apply for a residence
permit in Germany

Did you enter Germany with your visa? Welcome! As a rule, your visa is valid for up to six months. Within that time, you must have a residence permit apply so that you can stay in Germany for a longer period of time.


Contact the person responsible for you foreigners Authority and find out about the documents required for submitting an application. Then make an appointment for the issuance of the residence permit corresponding to your visa.

Find the address of your competent foreigners Authority.

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