Naturalization process

File Application

Even if you have lived in Germany for eight years or more, this will be done naturalization be asked. You will also receive individual advice, and you will receive an application form, which you must fill out and submit with the required documents. People over the age of 16 can apply for naturalization themselves. In the case of children, parents or other custodians can submit a corresponding application.

To Pay Fees

As a rule, a fee of 255 euros is due when applying for naturalization. For children who are naturalized together with their parents, 51 euros per child must be paid. If a child is naturalized alone, a fee of 255 euros will also be charged. The naturalization fee can be reduced or even waived entirely in exceptional cases. This is the case, for example, if the applicant has only a low income or several children are naturalized with them.

Naturalization certificate

Once your application has been checked and accepted, the Naturalization Authority has Information on what to do next. Depending on which federal state you live in, you have to take care of the release from your previous citizenship yourself. You will receive a certificate of naturalization that you can present to the consulate in your country of origin to apply for release from your previous citizenship. If your last citizenship is automatically lost when you acquire German citizenship or if it is not possible or unreasonable to give up, nothing should stand in the way of your naturalization. You will receive a certificate of naturalization, which is usually given to you in person or during a naturalization ceremony. With this certificate, you are granted German citizenship.
How long it takes from the application to the delivery of the certificate varies from case to case. In some cases, it can take up to several months. Best to speak your Naturalization Authority at!

Apply for a German ID card and passport

With the naturalization certificate, you can get a German identity card and a German passport with the Registration office Of your place of residence. You must have at least one of these documents in Germany to identify yourself if necessary. It usually takes a few weeks until your ID documents are ready and ready for collection.

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