Work visa for skilled workers

Have you completed qualified vocational training or a degree outside of Germany? Then you can get one residence permitaccording to § 18a or § 18b Abs. 1 AufenthG in order to take up qualified employment in Germany as a skilled worker.

You can find out whether you need a visa to enter Germany in the Who needs a visa? 

What are the requirements for a work visa to be issued?

Your qualification must be recognized in Germany or be comparable to a German educational qualification. Would you like to work in a regulated profession, for example in a health care profession, is one Professional license absolutely necessary. You can find out how the recognition process works in the Recognition section.

You have a specific job offer from an employer in Germany. It is important that your recognized qualification enables you to take up the job. This means that employment in related professions is possible.

Are you older than 45 and are you traveling to Germany for the first time to work? In that case, you must achieve a gross annual salary of at least EUR 46,860 (in 2021) with the desired job in Germany or provide evidence of adequate retirement benefits.

Tip: Do you have a recognized university degree? Then check whether you meet the criteria for an EU Blue Card. Thisresidence permit offers qualified specialists particularly attractive opportunities.

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The Federal agency for work(BA) must generally agree to your employment. Among other things, it will be checked whether your employment conditions (salary, working hours, etc.) are comparable to those of domestic employees

Do you meet the requirements mentioned? Then find out more about the visa and immigration process.

What perspectives does the visa offer for work?

The visa or the residence permit to take up qualified employment is issued for a maximum of four years. If the employment contract is limited to a shorter period, the residence permit will be issued for this shorter period.

After four years in possession of a residence permit to work, you can, under certain conditions, get one permanent residence permitreceived on request. This is an indefinite one-residence permit. Find out more about living in Germany permanently.

Would you like to live in Germany with your family? This is possible with this residence permit. You can read about what you have to pay attention to and what requirements apply in the family reunification section.

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