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What is the process of applying for a nursing career in Germany for a foreign citizen?

All applicants from EU countries can directly work as a nurses in Germany & many of the employers themselves, offer qualification programs to help the applicant become a full-fledged, qualified nurse. As a non-EU citizen, if you already have finished a nurse training abroad there might be the option to start as a nurse or nurse helper in Germany. (Depending on whether your foreign degree is recognized in Germany) If your degree needs an additional procedure to get recognition, you should have studied nursing or should have finished an internship in nursing abroad. If you only have work experience but no degree in nursing then you have to go through an internship in nursing in Germany or start work as a nurse helper. Since German language skills are mandatory, language training is either offered or needs to be completed within a stipulated period for both kinds of candidates.
Foreign applicants can now start vocational training in Germany to become nurses in Germany. So, a nurse internship in Germany can be the easiest adjunct to the application process for a nursing career there. After the successful completion of an internship, all foreign nurses are allowed to stay in Germany and work here legally without limitation. This training is free of charge and lasts for 2-3 years. During the training, participants even receive a monthly training allowance which provides enough means for living in Germany.
– The training has 2 starting dates, March & September.
– The main prerequisite for your application is that you can speak German at level B2 or you are on level B1 & you are willing to reach B2 within the next few months.
– A school-leaving certificate till at least 8th grade.
– Possession of a driving license.
– There is no age limit for application but recommended age of participation is up to 40 years.

So, it is comparatively easy and pretty lucrative for a foreign student to pursue a career in nursing in Germany. And companies like CareLend make it easier to scale those foreign boundaries fairly easily.


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