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German language proficiency – How necessary it is for Nurses to acquire?

a) Learn German and live like Germans in Germany

Learning the German language is an important step to prepare for a smooth life in Germany. To avoid the language barrier in any foreign country, it is highly recommended to learn the language of the foreign country where you want to work or study. There is a beautiful saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Similarly, most people speak German in Germany, and therefore, nursing staff must be fluent in German, and proof of language skills is also required from recognized providers such as ECL, ÖSD, or Goethe Institute. These providers have been accepted by ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe). The ECL examination is a part of the European Union and CareLend has contracted with ECL to provide the German language examination in different countries. More information about the advantages of ECL is available on:

b) Which level of language is essential?

It completely depends on the federal state whether a B1 or B2 level is required according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF). The regulated occupations, such as practitioners, doctors, or nurses need to have specific knowledge of German to get authorization to practice and for the recognition of professional qualifications. To learn more about the recognition procedure, check:

Furthermore, German language skills are usually required for an entry visa from third countries. Therefore, skilled workers, i.e. nursing professionals must provide at least a B1 level certificate in German. However, a B2 level is required to become a registered nurse in Germany, which can be completed later. There are language courses, which are specifically determined for work so that one can learn all job-related terms. That is why CareLend ensures that foreign nurses learn up to the B2 level of German to integrate successfully in the long term. For more information on integration,

Nurses are angels and there are endless vacant positions for nursing staff in Germany. The duties of nurses mostly include communication with different people. Therefore, it is quite essential to acquire language proficiency in the nursing profession in Germany.

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