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Hospitals in Germany & Benefits of working as a Nurse

Employment rates in Germany, one of the world’s leading economies, are among the highest in the world. Since the overall population is statistically aging globally, the health sector is one of the most important employment sectors in the country and there is a growing need for a younger workforce. Since there is not enough workforce to cover all available healthcare vacancies in Germany, nurses from other countries are very sought after. Healthcare facilities from hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, disabled people’s dormitories, outpatient social services, rehabilitation centers, and even vocational schools are looking for qualified nurses from abroad.

Here are a few of the positive benefits when working as a nurse in Germany.
  • High employment rates. Employment rates in Germany are among the highest in the world.
  • Excellent Qualification opportunities. …one can constantly upgrade qualifications and thereby their salaries by attending courses which are often sponsored by the employers themselves.
  • Better work-life balance. … Some hospitals or in-home care agencies also offer the option of working 6-night shifts followed by 6 days off, for example. This system makes it easier to balance your work and family life.
  • Job and social security. … Another benefit of working in Germany is the highly reliable work councils or unions that protect every employee. Everyone also has access to social security & its benefits like unemployment insurance, healthcare, or retirement insurance for which monthly contributions are made & a big part of it is covered by your employer.
  • High pay rate. … Germany is well-known for its high-paying nursing positions. A nurse’s annual salary in Germany is approximately 33,000 EUR,
    Paid holidays and sick leave. at least 20 working days per year. One is also entitled to 6 weeks of paid sick leave.
  • Maternity/ parental leave. Offered up to three years of parental leave per child & employers cannot end the work contract during the parental leave and/or 4 months after childbirth.
  • International Culture & Exposure. Because it is located in the heart of Europe, there are many top destinations to visit, only a couple of hours away by car, train, or cheap flight.
    With all the benefits mentioned above and so many more, Germany can be easily named as one of the most beneficial countries to work and live in as a nurse.

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