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Reasons and Potential Solution Approaches for the Shortage of Nursing Staff in Hospitals of Germany

A massive shortage of nurses in Germany
Germany has been suffering from a shortage of nursing staff over the last few years and it has continued to get worse. According to the Federal Statistical Office, around 2.9 million people in Germany rely on nursing care and this number will be more than double by the year 2050. Therefore, the German Government has announced approximately 36,000 vacant jobs in the care industry, and additional 8,000 vacant jobs in the intensive care unit, which clearly shows the critical need for hiring nursing staff from abroad. It is also predicted that around 3 million nurses will be required by 2060.

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Reasons for the shortage of nurses in Germany
One of the main reasons for the shortage of nursing staff is the staff, which is either retired or going into early retirement. Consequently, most hospitals are overburdened with work for nursing staff, and nurses, who work in cities, have to cover the lack of nurses in rural areas as well, which often forces them to quit. An aging population, weak salary structure, hectic shifts, and physical and psychological stress are some of the hindrances that nursing staff faces often in daily life and there is no reserved staff to compensate for the shortage of nurses. Therefore, understaffed hospitals are demanding trained nurses and they are willing to hire them from abroad.

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Potential solutions for the shortage of caregivers
Germany needs to retain the current nursing staff before it thinks of recruiting more from abroad. With the help of technical and medical aids, physical as well as psychological stress can be reduced. In addition, Germany’s health, family, and labour ministers have jointly unveiled a plan ‘’Concerted Care Action’’, which focuses on the following aspects to solve the problem of understaffed hospitals:
They will focus more on training programs by providing good stipends to the trainees
More free time, a smart salary scale, and better working conditions will be provided to the nurses to retain and bring back the former nursing staff.
Bureaucratic or document work will be reduced by investing more in digitization.
Fewer restrictions on the immigration of foreign healthcare staff.

Germany wants more competent nurses from abroad to solve this biggest problem, and therefore, foreign students have immense opportunities in this sector. In order to prepare well for immigration and the nursing profession, check:

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